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I highly recommend IPL (Intense pulsed light) to achieve your best glowing skin no matter what skin type you have!

IPL machines are used around the world as medical and cosmetic technology to perform skin treatments, they are well known for hair removal however, a little later on I’m going to let you in on a secret…. skin rejuvenation… but for now, Why is winter the best time to start your process to glowey, hair free skin?

Winter offers the most strategic timing for your intense pulsed light therapy. Why? Well, to achieve permanent results, a course of at least 6-8 treatments are required. Winter and spring give you a 6 month window to get these treatments well underway to reveal silky smooth, hair free skin or treat your skin concerns by the time it really counts: summer! The time when we want to peel off layers, head to the beach and spend more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and less time worrying about razor burn or ingrown hairs.

As IPL is attracted to the darker pigment hair follicles, a sun tan can interfere with the suitability of this treatment for you and your hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments. This is because tanned skin makes it harder for the IPL light to recognise and target hair follicles safely and accurately. In winter however, offering a greater contrast between skin and hair, therefore a much higher response rate to the IPL wavelengths. That’s not to say you can’t undergo IPL in summer, you may just require more treatment sessions. And although there is no downtime required after your treatments, you will still be required to take care of your skin by keeping out of direct sunlight as your skins sensitivity will be higher and the UV rays can further exacerbate this by causing redness, inflammation or irritation.

And when’s the best time to keep your skin covered up? Winter of course!

While we’re spending more time rugged up and indoors, it is the ideal time for your skin to heal, regenerate and repair following your treatments. As we advise you to avoid sun exposure. You may find that the treated areas will naturally start to look worse before it gets better – It’s a lot easier to conceal the treated areas with winter clothing then in your bathers!

Our IPL machine can treat skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, vascular lesions as well as all your hair removal needs.

Intense pulsed light therapy is quick, effective with little to no downtime, meaning no one will even know you have had anything done – until they start asking how to get glowing, silky smooth skin like you!

Most people tend mistake IPL to be the same as laser hair removal however, IPL shoots a broad range of light wave lengths down into your skin whereas laser only shoots a specific wave length to the targeted area. This means the intense pulsed light therapy will target a wider area and therefore be more effective in achieving your end result.

Intense pulsed light therapy works by shining its light deep beneath the skin to catch on pigment in either the skin or hair follicle, it then creates heat to essential “kill off” and remove the hair and treat any of your skin concerns.

After a series of 6-10 sessions of skin or hair removal treatments you will start to see some changes and can look forward to continuing with follow up/upkeep sessions or treatments to continue your best skin results EVER!

If you have acnetic skin, it can be very red and inflamed with some very painful breakouts on top or under the skin. This could take months of standard facial treatments to start to see results – with IPL after just a few treatments you will see a reduction in redness and breakouts. By keeping up with your IPL treatment plan, once a week for 4 weeks you will noticeably see results; less breakouts, smoother skin and a more even skin tone. Acnetic skin types have a build-up of excess oil and dead skin cells IPL works by heating the old skin cells and follicles, allowing the skin to create new skin cells to form. With IPL treatments, skin treatment and the right home-care routine and a healthy diet your skin will be glowing and overall improved skin.

The heat of the intense pulsed light works to stimulate the skin and create new cells to helps produce more collagen. Treating the skin on a deeper level, giving your skin a complete rejuvenation from within will help to reduce fine lines; unfortunately this doesn’t happen overnight. However paired with a high performance facial and right home-care targeting your collagen production your skin will feel tighter, the tone and texture will improve and the fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed.

Rosacea is a skin condition that leaves your skin looking very flushed. It is due to the fine capillaries under the skin being enlarged. Some signs of rosacea can be extreme redness, enlarged pores, breakouts and overall uneven skin tone. IPL works for Rosacea as it kills the vessels that create these problems, with continuing to treat the skin with IPL you will be stopping any skin conditions caused by rosacea from showing up in the future. We highly recommend combining the IPL treatments with our results driven Pevonia RS2 facial and homecare line which is going to instantly calm, soothe and heal and hydrate the skin.

Pigmentation. IPL for pigmentation is recommended for fairer skin types as the IPL focuses on the pigment of the melanin. Pigmentation on the body is when your skin produces more melanin and leaves you with patches of darker skin. This can be hard to cover and a lengthy process to treat with topical skincare products. IPL works deeper in the skin therefore is going to give you faster results with treating your unwanted pigmentation.

The intense pulsed starts to break down the pigmentation which then reduces the dark large spots and overall giving you a much more even skin tone. At the start of IPL treatments you may find the pigment starts to come up to the skins surface and can become scabs. This is your body getting rid of the extra melanin, after a series of sessions (roughly 6-8 depending on your skin) you will start to see real results with a brighter complexion and even texture, making your skin look a lot smoother. Paired with the Pevonia micro-retinol range your skin will be drenched in vitamins and hyaluronic acid and will become brighter, deeply hydrated and overall smoother.

We are able to treat many areas with the IPL machine from the face and décolletage to hands and arms or any other areas of concern.

You are able to book these treatments as a stand-alone or we recommend to pair with one of our high performance facials, you will see results instantly.

Book in for a consultation to discuss with our trained beauty therapists a treatment plan to help you achieve flawless skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Haylee x