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Do you find you have an oily or combination skin type? Then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to the fear of make-up vs your t-zone! While dewy skin is a global obsession right now, there is a big difference between a glow and looking like you’ve dumped your face in a bucket of fried chicken!

Today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Skin care disguised as make up.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with make-up products that are as good for your skin as your skin care. A non-comedogenic, mineral makeup, Youngblood Mineral products complete your skin health. Formulated with clean ingredients that are gentle enough for use on even the most sensitive skin, they will provide you a healthy, flawless coverage without clogging pores or causing irritation. Nourishing and hydrating below the surface, as much as they make us look good on the outside!

With having an oily/combo skin myself I know the struggle, very well! And although we should feel blessed by the oil our skin produces and the “fountain of youth” eye-shadow creasing… foundation moving… looking greasy… and the frustration isn’t ideal and who wants to spend an hour in the morning for their face to melt off by lunch time!?

So, if grease, blemishes or 3 o’clock “shinies” are cramping your style, then this blog, Youngblood and me will be very helpful!

Firstly, the most important step of your make-up routine. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise. Hydrating your skin will help it look smoother and your pores appear smaller. Making a fresh base for your make-up. (Or better Last step of skin care😉).

Priming your skin pre-makeup will leave your skin less flaking, fading and going to the bathroom for ‘touch ups’ on the go. Simply said, your on-fleek everything will stay in place until you decide to take it off.

For you a powder primer is going to work WONDERS as it will work to absorb your oil production over the day. And the YB rice setting wonder is the ideal. It will improve the moisture in your skin, diminishes the appearance of pores and fine lines and creates a long-lasting matte finish. This is a multi-functional product as you can be use it as both a primer and a setting powder.

However, my go to, lifesaving product is the YB Anti-shine mattifier. When applied (either with fingers, a brush or the included sponge), this balm works to absorb excess surface oil, providing an immediate and long-lasting effect. Plus, nigella and pumpkin seed oils purify and balance, to help regulate sebum production. It offers a matte finish on the skin and can be used on top of makeup if you get oily throughout the day.

Hands up if you have oily eye lids? 🙋‍♀️ Stay put eye prime is a must for you. Put this on and set with rice setting powder and your shadow is guaranteed to not move throughout the day.

The most important step. Choosing your foundation!
Everyone has a preference when it comes to their foundation and with YB you do have a choices…

  1. Flawless, full coverage that i nearly undetectable? Yes, please! You’ll achieve that naturally airbrushed look with the YB loose mineral foundation as it will work as an oil control foundation.
  2. For a matte complexion that travels gorgeously, YB’s pressed mineral foundation.  It contains the same weightless, natural pigments as the loose foundation, with built-in shine controlling Rice Setting Powder for one convenient single-step application. The silky smooth innovation camouflages and blurs fine lines, and offers a natural veil that beautifully smooths the appearance of pores. You can wear alone as a foundation, or use to touch up and reduce shine throughout the day.
  3. YB’s liquid mineral foundation is perfect for our normal to dry skin clients, however, like me, if it is your preferred foundation Youngblood offer a cocktailing tip for you to create a great base. For this you’ll want to apply a moisture tint, follow with a loose mineral foundation and then the rice setting powder on top.

You are able to build your level of coverage from all foundation products. They will leave your skin with a real glow and not leave you looking like a pancake. You can find your perfect match in just 5 easy steps. Are you ready to meet the foundation of your dreams? https://youngbloodmineralcosmetics.com.au/pages/foundation-finder

For us oily skins powder contour and blushes are our best friends. The challenge with creamy formulas when contouring and highlighting oily skin is that they don’t always stay in place, powder contour will assist in absorbing excess oil on your skin. Youngblood mineral radiance bronzer or defining bronzers will give you a luminous finish, leaving your skin glowing. If you’re not a fan of powder you can use a cream or liquid just be sure to set it to help it last.

And that leads us to my all time favourite product, Youngblood’s ultra-sheer, super-silky Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Powder will keep your make-up looking fresh. This product not only sets your look, but locks in moisture and drinks up excess oil, making it ideal for high-humidity conditions. Imperfections, including large pores and redness, are blurred for a flawless, airbrushed finish. You should always finish your skin care (make-up) routine by SETTING YOUR MAKE-UP.

You will find Youngblood products are incredibly easy to use, although if you would like to learn more about Youngblood products and make-up tips specifically for your skin and face, book our 40-minute make-up lesson! And be sure to follow us on Instagram and tune in to our live tutorials!

Embrace your skin and conquer the world.

With love,

Kayla xx