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Women have been visiting day spas for decades however you may be surprised in that 50% of our massage clients are male. While most are looking to have remedial treatments for sporting or ongoing concerns, many have found and are more aware of the benefits that spa treatments can have both physically and mentally and are seeking to find their well-deserved “me” time.

It has become more “acceptable” in our society for men to take pride in looking and feeling good. To relax, rejuvenate and reset.

Waxing, nail maintenance, facials, massages and scrubs are a standard in ALL of our day –to-day routines. Whether we are able to get to appointments weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even yearly, spa treatments are something we have become accustom to and is a necessity for our mental and physical well-being.

We have made our spa comfortable for everyone to experience a sense of “Ahhh” as soon as they walk through our door. Our treatments are suitable for both our male and female clientele and can all be individualised for your specific needs and wants. However we do have packages specifically designed for him, her and two.

Our Couples Chill Out package which includes a foot soak, scrub and massage is one of our most popular services.

We offer a range of massage treatment types, from rituals to different types of pressures. We offer remedial and deep tissue massage which are a firmer pressure is preferred by clients who are looking for relief from a sporting injury that may require a more targeted service and long term follow up appointments. The psychological benefits of massage are well documented and mental health is paramount to all. One of the benefits of massage is the post euphoric sensation and utter relaxation.

If you’re having trouble picking which massage treatment would suit you check out our blog “How to decide which massage to choose…”

We have learnt that we need to take care of ourselves and our skin both internally and externally.  Skin concerns can begin at an early age, teenage boys and girls can often become very self-conscious with the onset of acne and spots. Developing a good skincare routine at an early age is essential. We have a range of facial treatments to suit all ages and all different walks of live. Book a consultation with our trained beauty therapists to talk about your skin care plan.

It’s always been a dream of us woman to see or inflict the pain of waxing onto our partners, screaming in agony, lying on the table with a strip of wax being pulled off their chest to prove that we are tougher than them. However fortunately, (for them) the reality is that waxing is very safe and reliable hair removal services and is far less irritating than shaving or trimming. To add, waxing lasts longer and you’re not left with unsightly rashes and stubble.

We also offer IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for a more substantial form of hair reduction. This relatively painless treatment involves several appointments over time and can also be used to treat sun spots and wrinkles.

The only occasion a man would most likely take notice of how his nails looked, is when it’s pointed out by his partner or mother. Dirt under the nails, does not go unnoticed. Rough hands and bitten nails suggest a lack of self-care. A “man” icure is a quick service even the busiest of men could fit into their lunchbreak.

And we can’t forget about the feet… To avoid the Shrek look on holidays, a pedicure will get your nails filed and buffed with any traces of dead skin scrubbed away leaving you floating out the door. A foot massage can be absolutely heavenly to boot.

Taking your first step into the unknown world of Zen music, candles and creams can be intimidation, however, our therapists will make you will feel comfortable and relaxed the second you open our door.

Book your Partner, Dad, Brother or Friend in for a treatment. Once they’ve realised what you’ve been hiding from them for years, they are sure to be hooked! Get Manscaped at Mud 👍

Nat x