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One of the most frequently asked questions when clients see us about booking a treatment is “What is hot stone massage?”

Quite simply, smooth heated stones are used to help warm and relax tight muscles for a deeper, more relaxing massage treatment. Our therapists may place these stones on key areas of the body before commencing massage or they may use stones as an extension of their hands to massage certain areas.

Each massage at Mud Day Spa is tailored to the needs of each individual to allow for a more personal and beneficial treatment.

So why should you book a hot stone massage?

It Releases Tension

Tense muscles can be hard to relax, even through traditional massage techniques. By applying hot stones to these problematic areas, therapists are able to work deeper into the muscle to alleviate that unwanted tension.

It Assists Relaxation

Using heat and specialised techniques, hot stone massage can have a calming effect on the nervous system, thereby reducing that involuntary “stress reflex” that cause our muscles to tense up in times of stress. By calming our nervous system we are allowing our body to lapse into a fuller state of relaxation.

It Improves Bloodflow and Circulation

When applied, heat from the stones allow for opening of the blood vessels therefore improving circulation which can reduce fatigue and promote cell growth and increase organ function.

It’s no wonder really that we are all jumping on board right now!

The Mud Team.